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This is surprisingly sweet.
Thorsten Middelhof and Naparuj Mond Kaendi have been in a long-distance relationship for two and a half years, bridging the
H/T Daily Mail Photographer Kate Cummings captured the moment a pelican got caught in the mouth of a humpback whale as both
He was serious about paying up. His daughter, a swimmer at Notre Dame, didn't quite know what to think. ESPN's Mike Golic
Greg Oden wore a T-shirt to an Ohio State basketball game Tuesday night that read, "Basketball Never Stops." On most people
Check out Goldberger's other "Super Flemish" works here. H/T Design Taxi French photographer Sacha Goldberger is giving superheroes
We can only hope other clients will be as well-behaved. "I've had a lot of interest from this tattoo and people have received
Slightly NSFW photos below. The Post later reported that a woman noted the resemblance between the man on the subway and
Alyssa Milano returned to work and didn't skip a beat in caring for her baby daughter. The actress Friday posted a photo