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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, a viral video showed officers clearing out the popular nighttime spot.
"She could have suffocated to death if no one else was there to help.”
Days earlier, video of the 9-year-old breaking down over taunts about his dwarfism went viral.
Charlotte Awbery stuns the internet with her incredible take on the "Star Is Born" song.
Ed Bastian wades into the debate fueled by the viral video of a woman reclining on a flight and a man repeatedly punching the back of her seat.
HuffPost spoke with the creator of the video that set a new standard for "husband goals" and racked up 28 million views and counting.
The figure that caused him to topple over isn’t even the full value of the old Rolex, according to an appraiser on “Antiques Roadshow.”
The woman was crossing the street at the crosswalk when an SUV struck her.
A man in a boat saved a barking dog from being drowned by a 'roo in viral video filmed in Brisbane, Australia.
Houston resident Larry Lewis said a fluke in his Ring camera made it look like he was being beamed up to outer space.
"Between protecting the NRA and our children, he’s made his choice," the Democratic 2020 hopeful said of the president's inaction on gun violence.
A scary moment had a happy ending thanks to the quick actions of a man in Texas.
Video captured in Botswana shows how the honey badger deals with being strangled by the snake and menaced by the jackals.
Some folks think the kitty could be mimicking Dolly Parton in a viral video.
“Man, so if you’re poor, you’re dead," one woman said after finding out how much an inhaler would cost.