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Meet Malakai, the dog who managed to make himself very clear.
MMA-trained brothers appeared to get the better of the Sooners receiver and his pal in a viral video of the brawl.
The softball star's acrobatic play earned her viral acclaim that was "pretty cool," she said.
The vice president's stair workout had a Secret Service agent hustling to keep up.
The then-"Late Late Show" host's monologue is gaining renewed traction with the release of the "Free Britney Spears" documentary.
Timothy Wilks was shot and killed after approaching a group with butcher knives, police said.
A frightening moment on the slopes was caught on video.
"I'm glad you came clean," host Jimmy Fallon told the "Our Friend" actor.
In a pair of emotional videos, Chuck Stacey of Florida said he was having trouble breathing, and warned: "You don’t want to end up like me."