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A group dedicated to recording meteors and fireballs said it's investigating whether the object was a meteor or space debris.
A comprehensive compendium of cat jumping FAILS
We’re highlighting all the stuff on the Internet that we think deserve your likes, favs and follows! YouTube channel Skypro shows us a dog that plays table tennis like a boss, James Hodgson introduces us to a girl who plays the piano while sleeping, and on Instagram, @ChrisVespoli spots a very sexy salad.
My whole life has just been shattered into a pile of stale cereal crumbs. Seriously, guys. Your design team had one job. You couldn't have at least gotten the old man's uniform right? Now, adults and children alike are lamenting the fact that the cheery Santa Claus in a blue Napoleon hat is really just a big, fat LIAR. Yes, my fellow Foodbeasts, the "Cap'n" is really just a "Commander" in disguise.
For decades, airfare has been calculated based on the number of seats passengers wanted but now an airline is looking to buck the tried-and-true method for a payment system that they're calling the "fairest way of traveling."
Art is well acquainted with filthy media. After all, Marcel Duchamp signed a urinal; Andy Warhol had his assistants pee on stuff; and then there's that gold poop pill thing, which, quite frankly, ugh. But now some students in Britain have gone ahead and made bioart out of the most covert, disgusting, disturbing thing out there: bacterial growth on cell phones.
Alyona and Jacob discuss the top trending stories of the day, including
So much joy. So much pain. So much hilarity in the first week alone.
At least two people died and a horse was injured in the blast near Los Angeles.
There's a lot of slipping, sliding, crashing and even sinking going on.