viral wedding photos

Credit: Dwayne Schmidt Photography The photo shows the couple holding hands and closing their eyes as to not catch a glimpse
Every couple dreams of a wedding that sweeps guests off their feet -- just not in the literal sense. Environment Canada confirmed
We don't see too many shirtless officiants, but it looks like this one did an awesome job! Most of us were just a mere twinkle
For every gorgeous, romantic, smiling photo from your wedding day, there's another equally amazing (but less polished) picture
On Sunday, reader Clifford Michel sent us a photo he took of groom Welmens Joseph removing his bride Carly's garter at their
Tallon wrote on Reddit that the photo has not been Photoshopped and was only lightly edited (see the photo before and after
Next came the slightly less funny, but still amusing, "Star Wars" AT-AT walkers incarnation. But with this attempt, uploaded
Toronto photographers Danielle and Tony Lombardo recently posted a photo to their website of three AT-AT walkers chasing
If there was a wedding in Jurassic Park, we imagine it would look something like this.