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"I'm pinching myself," says Virgin founder.
The way airfare sites classify their tickets could trick you into spending more than you'd like.
The sure way to avoid these problems in the future is to offer “volunteers” increasing amounts of compensation until they get enough takers – with no limit.
In order to stand out in the competitive world of business today, we must develop ways to communicate our ideas and draw attention to our products and services, while at the same time, walk a very delicate balance of not coming on too strong. If potential customers feel like you are coming AT them, they back off. So how do you do this?
One particularly scary incident associated with Alaska Airlines' contract operations occurred when a contract baggage handler
I had, however, flown Southwest in November for a wedding, in which I redeemed my Rapid Rewards, but my $10 airline tax did
The move will expand Alaska Air's presence on the U.S. West Coast.
Alaska Air is expected to pay upwards of $2 billion for Virgin America, which currently has a market value of about $1.5 billion.
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