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Purpose is a magical thing. Some people are born with it; others spend their entire lives searching for it, a few, like me, redefine it on our journey; but unfortunately many aren't given the choice or encouragement to pursue it.
Today is International Women's Day, a day that in so many ways represents the start of our BYOS story. On this day three years ago my little bar of SUCCESS, which has since been shared over 4,000 times across the globe, was unveiled to a roomful of Irish businesswomen.
Being mid-air afforded me the luxury of thinking about this on a deeper level. I began to contemplate all the gifts being
At nearly 60, one might be expected to start planning for retirement. But not Katrine Haynes. The grandmother of 11 thought
They are loaded with luxurious add-ons and bespoke services, brimming with champagne and caviar. But most of all, they have a great big whopping price tag to match.
With all the airline fees adding up, it's hard to remember what perks you get as a passenger. However, there are still some airlines that show their appreciation for customers, dishing out amenities that make them stand out from the rest.
Life is too short. We are entitled to be human. Sometimes we make mistakes and rub people the wrong way. What defines us is not those who are able to avoid confrontation, but those who are able to deal with it.
Air travel has evolved over the past 50 years, but uniforms for female flight attendants have not.
Ettiëne says, "Traveling as frequently as I have been the past few years, I realized how important it is to create an experience
With these tips and healthy options in mind, indulging in another cocktail or taking a bite of that chocolate lava cake won't seem so bad.
The customer experience must be consistent in marketing, ticketing, gate operations, flying and baggage handling. Each interaction is an opportunity to turn that customer into a raving fan. Each interaction is an opportunity for one human being to be kind to and take care of another.
A recent poll conducted on HuffPost revealed that 95.05 percent of those polled expect more travel fees to be introduced
Onboard space constraints, limited convection ovens and a major lack of ambiance all detract from the enjoyment of skillfully prepared in-flight cuisine. But the parties who provide airline food won't let fliers' dining experiences become subpar.
Norwegian is comparable to Ryanair, with slightly better amenities. Flying budget across the Atlantic Ocean doesn't sound
Virgin Atlantic dispatched a replacement aircraft from London to Gander that delivered all the passengers to JFK at 6:30
Check out samples of the new uniforms below. Luke Miles, Head of Design for Virgin Atlantic, said in a release: 180 airline