virgin birth

You heard next that the story of the virgin birth teaches -- claims -- that the power behind all things is a person who can
Certainly revisionists believe in God, but the word 'God' means something very different in the revisionist's mouth.
Also, no religion offers anything more miraculous than the ordinary methods of conception and childbirth. If I were from
When I was interviewing for my current pastoral job, one of the questions asked of me, in one of the many different conversations I had with various committees, was, "What does the Virgin Birth mean to you?"
And yet, many theologians, pastors and other Christians say the Virgin Birth gets short shrift at Christmastime. Finding
There really is something about Mary. Catholics aren't the only ones who harbor a measure of devotion to Jesus' mother that can sometimes border on the fanatic. But Mary can be a bit of problem.
As the center of the biggest commercial season in the U.S., it's no surprise that a majority of Americans -- Christian or not -- observe Christmas.
One-third of the religiously unaffiliated also said they believed in the virgin birth. "Keep in mind that most of the non
In order to understand fully the meaning Christmas, one must be acquainted with what happened several months earlier.
Ask most people what happens to prophecies in the Bible, and the response will be that they get fulfilled. But that popular answer is based on a fundamental translation mistake.