virgin mary

The allure of the forbidden is real, and we should probably usually resist it, but human beings are human.
Pope Francis is hoping that the message of peace the children delivered during World War I will appeal to Catholics today.
An Atlanta theater defended its staging of "The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told."
Throughout the whole Qur’an, there is only one woman mentioned by her name. She is exceptionally praised, as someone that
Francisco Pacheco, "La Inmaculada de Miguel Cid" (Rumi, Quatrain 322, translated by Kabir Helminski) There are conventions
It's always bothered me that the church only stresses certain aspects of Mary's conduct. The church makes a big deal of her
If I am getting it right, Schopenhauer believes that we are driven by our ego. The ego is where our desire for our own pleasure and happiness comes from. It has little to do with compassion and love, both of which we are more than capable of accessing and, in doing so, inoculating ourselves from what he and Freud labeled as "the hedgehog's dilemma."
Residents of the Spanish city of Algeciras pull this statue from the murky depths of their bay every year.