Virgin Records

"I'm pinching myself," says Virgin founder.
The Guardian points out the the cards will have an interest rate of 18.9 percent APR. So much for anarchy. “In launching
The film, like Greenfield's book, will focus on the relationship between Jagger and Richards during the recording of their
Have you ever heard of the disease dystonia? I learned about this disease through a chance meeting with amazing guitarist and composer, Billy McLaughlin.
None of the Kinks were even the slightest bit gay, contrary to some legends. But they did prance around like total fops in their dressing rooms a lot.
Erasure wanted to do something a little extra to spread light on this inspiring message of tolerance and to help raise money for an organization that is on the front line for gay and human rights.
The Right's genius for manipulating people's sense of grievance, combined with liberals' weak brew of tepid policy proposals, leads voters to cast their ballots against their own economic interests.
The Huffington Post is premiering an audio clip of Zero 7's new single, "Medicine Man." Tell a friend.
The Virgin Megastore in NYC's Union Square is closing. Another record shop bites the dust.