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1)What gets you out of bed and why, 2)What you are doing about it, and 3)What everyone can do about it. I know many of us
MR: It hasn’t seemed to slow you down on a business front or in helping all the people you have been reaching out to, is
Sir Richard Branson has been called all these and many more. So when I got an invitation to spend five days with him on his private Caribbean island it was an easy Yes! When I was later asked if I'd interview him for a special Q&A session, I was even more excited (though a little bit nervous too!)
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What a brilliant opportunity we have to reinvent the world of work to deliver an abundance of meaningful jobs within an environment that is 100% human.
Here are three tips to develop a growth mindset no matter how far you venture in your goals.
To drive important change will require a new approach and style of leadership, as we move from more autocratic traditional models of authority to more collaborative styles that believes in the power of the collective team.
So why do we use very different language in business than in our personal lives?
Gone are the days of sanitation languishing in the shadows while other basic human needs take the spotlight.
We have work to do to make the world a better place for all, but entrepreneurs' energy and ideas are a vital force in getting us there.
The vision was to build a company that not only cared passionately about its investors and their returns, but one that cared deeply about each other and the world around us.
In these worlds there is a sense that the question of meaningful work is something to wrestle with alongside high-end ideas, awesome creativity and intellectual playfulness.
Several times I found myself thinking, "This is common sense, and yet, this is brilliant..."I knew that no matter what, I HAD to be a part of it.
No matter your industry, your employees are your company's real competitive advantage. They're the ones making the magic happen -- so long as their needs are being met.
Tear down towers of knowledge. One person shouldn't be so integral to your organization that they can't go on vacation or has to be on-call all the time. While these could seem like job security, ultimately, it's too much pressure on one person and the infrastructure.
Given that most of us spend a large number of those days at work, work comes to color and shape our lives as a whole.
All of these innovations could be replicated by many companies all over the world and there's good reason to do so -- it's good for business.
Our two main metrics for success are money and power, and they drive us to work longer hours, sleep with our phones and tablets, miss important moments with our families and impacts our health. Arianna proposes a third metric for success: thriving.
Richard Branson also shared his support and compassion for giving in a Pledge4MandelaDay video. "I ask you to celebrate by