Virginia Beach, Virginia

GOP lawmakers said the special session that Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam called in response to a mass shooting was premature and politically motivated.
Debate over the firearm suppressors resurfaced last month after a gunman used one in a shooting rampage in Virginia Beach.
Opponents note silencers make it harder for potential victims and police to identify gunshots. Pro-gun advocates say they’re important hearing protection.
The Virginia pastor wrote that the White House called just before the president's arrival and asked him to pray for Trump as part of "Pray for President Trump Day."
He said other recent shootings are also driving his call for a special session.
The Warriors coach's comments and "Vote for our Lives" T-shirt urge stricter gun laws in the wake of last week's Virginia Beach mass shooting.
The gunman turned in his two-week notice in the morning. Then he killed 12 people in a municipal building.
"Let’s not get too deep into politics too soon," the acting White House chief of staff said following 2019's deadliest mass shooting thus far.
It could at least partially explain why survivors of the shooting said they were caught off guard and initially puzzled by what was happening.
Many were longtime public works and public utilities employees who lived in the area.
Authorities believe that the gunman, who was killed after exchanging fire with police, had acted alone.
The out-of-place snake turned out to be a lost pet, said Virginia Beach Animal Control.
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Explaining his theory, Rev. Robertson said, "Because of the bad road conditions the Almighty has made, any gay activities that people were planning on doing will have to be postponed by a day or two."
When TV preacher Pat Robertson created Regent University in Virginia Beach 30 years ago, he had a rather specific idea in