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It took Betsy DeVos nearly a year to take any action on the nearly 100,000 applications by former students who assert that
Your employer-based insurance premium could be higher if you decline.
Obama's pick to lead the department can expect to spend the next year justifying its treatment of colleges.
Foxx spokesman Sheridan Watson defended the bill as a way of making the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act function properly. "It
Below, more live updates on the 2014 midterm elections: Foxx was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2004. She
Many college graduates are delaying some of life's most important decisions -- including starting a family and buying a home -- because they face a pile of debt with no job prospects.
As reported yesterday by OpenSecrets, Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC) has no serious opposition in her bid for reelection, yet has received more than $800,000 in campaign contributions. More than half of that money has come from outside North Carolina, much of it from corporate special interests.
Harkin himself tried a to implement a similar change a few years ago, as Politico has reported. The new bill does not include
Despite President Obama's obvious awareness of the egregious, widespread nature of the problem, his own team may be on the verge of failing to effectively implement a key measure needed to hold for-profit colleges accountable for such abuses.
America's for-profit colleges are receiving as much as $33 billion in a single year from your tax money, and billions more from the pockets of students, a lot of whom are left deep in debt and jobless from their encounters with predatory schools.