virginia medicaid expansion

Administration officials said the House had told them not to expect the budget before early last week. When representatives
Dave Jamieson joins HuffPost Live to discuss why uninsured Americans in Red States must now rely on hope.
TwarDokus is among an estimated 5.7 million Americans stuck in a coverage gap: making too little to qualify for a subsidy
In a Wednesday statement, Democratic Party of Virginia Chair and Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones called for a formal apology
"He can't do it. The law is very clear. He has a little problem understanding that in some of the comments he made during
"People are sick, and people are sick of having to pay large amounts of cash, or forgo paying a bill at all and going into
The MIRC should not confuse health insurance with health care. An insurance card does not guarantee a healthy life.
McDonnell took to Twitter less than an hour after Scott's press conference ended to make plain that the Medicaid expansion