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Well, that should do it for this year, Santa. We've done as much as we can on our own. Thank you for listening. # # # Oh
Some postelection public statements by college and university presidents have drawn fire, however. The Nov. 30 edition of
Converging with the question of value is one of choice: what is the best way for me to attain my education? # # # As you
Since becoming president of Virginia Wesleyan College more than a year ago, I've become interested in the proposal for light
More often than not, a college president's summer "vacation" consists of a slightly slower work pace -- maybe the luxury
Defending arts and humanities is a hot topic among college presidents. Those of us who lead small liberal arts colleges pay homage, as we should, to the life and career advantages of a broad education in which Shakespeare resides compatibly with Steve Jobs.
For colleges like Virginia Wesleyan as well as many small-business and nonprofit operations, the impact will be felt immediately and injuriously.
As medical science explores ways to unlock the complexities of diseases related to aging, the results of this study offer welcome news -- and hope.
The millennial generation, we are often led to believe, is so self-absorbed, so addicted to personal technology and narcissism, and so exacting in their expectations of what is important to their lives that we shouldn't look for substantial contributions from them. I disagree.
When President Barack Obama, in his State of the Union address, challenged the nation to "reject any politics that targets people because of race or religion," he offered a social commentary that has timely relevance in higher education.
A university president should have the advantage of reflecting knowledge, viewpoints and research grounded in long-term scientific investigation, vetted by institutional experts and carefully readied for distribution without the daily pressures of political leverage or media deadlines.
I am submitting my annual Christmas list with the hope that you will recognize how good my fellow college presidents and I have tried to be during the past year. We have strived to remain student-centered, faculty-friendly, alumni-attentive, constituent-conscious, and donor-diligent.
A former Virginia Wesleyan College student may have to face her alleged rapist and already had to reveal her entire sexual history.
The school says these details will help establish Jane Doe's credibility.
Virginia Wesleyan, in its response to the lawsuit filed by the woman under the pseudonym Jane Doe, said it was not the cause
Mark C. Nanavati, an attorney representing Virginia Wesleyan, said the school would not comment directly on the lawsuit, except