Virginity test

As global health organizations call for a worldwide ban of the practice, a Moroccan sociologist explains why it persists in her country — and how to stop it.
"Luna," was captured by ISIS fighters when they swept through northern Iraq in August 2014. She was sold four times and raped by all her "owners." She was one of hundreds of Yezidi women and girls who had similar experiences.
By the standards of the Military Council, justice means that Egyptians can be shot dead, blinded, sexually abused and dragged through the streets, without a word of objection. When we say that the Military Council is responsible for all these crimes, the Military Council gets angry and sees us as provocateurs trying to bring down the state.
The Egyptian peoples' revolution that began a year ago today must not be allowed to be hijacked by the military. The Egyptians, more than ever, need the support of the international community during this critical period, to achieve their goals.