virtual assistant

“People think of the secretaries, that it’s all filing, but it’s so much more than that," the Not Your Average Girl Friday founder told HuffPost.
Plus: (Another) female virtual assistant rolls out in India.
The African grey interacts with the virtual assistant up to 40 times a day, asking it to tell him jokes and play his favorite music.
Remember it takes guts and determination to succeed as a virtual assistant. Set rules for yourself and be determined to succeed
As a virtual assistant you are an independent contractor. The client pays you a fee for your services and then you are responsible
Could you work with someone you never met? Many entrepreneurs now do - they're called virtual assistants. Business owners
Accountants When your business is simple, and can be managed with a simple in-and-out spreadsheet, doing your taxes is simple
2. Attention to detail While you are out there either doing business or building your brand, you need to be able to focus
There comes a time in every successful startup company where you have to outsource work. As a business owner, you know that your time is valuable, and it should be spent doing the important things you excel at.
Your business is growing, which is what you've been working so hard on yet it's hard to be able to really enjoy it because you are now busier than ever. If you are sitting at your computer doing busy work that leaves you uninspired it may be a sign that your business is ready for a VA.