President Donald Trump continues to downplay the effects of the coronavirus in the U.S., despite the rising COVID-19 death toll.
A group of scientists is urging the World Health Organization to take the threat of airborne transmission of the coronavirus more seriously.
RHDV2 is spreading across Southwestern states and threatens to wreak havoc on wild rabbit populations.
President Donald Trump is looking to disband the coronavirus task force, even as deaths continue to rise.
During a Fox News virtual town hall, President Donald Trump predicted more than 100,000 Americans will die from the coronavirus, a sharp increase from his earlier estimate of 60,000.
An ex-Trump adviser went after California Governor Gavin Newsom after he. declared a lockdown in California in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic
After initial reports said young people were not as vulnerable to the coronavirus, officials are changing their messaging — but some spring breakers may not be listening.
But that does NOT mean they aren't at risk if they contract COVID-19.
President Donald Trump originally dismissed the growing coronavirus emergency. Now, with more than 3,000 cases in the United States, Trump is changing his tune.
As President Donald Trump’s travel ban took effect, Americans rushing back from Europe were faced with long lines once they stepped back in the United States.