Maria Fuentes, who has a temporary protected status visa, serves and cleans up after the men and women who want to see her thrown out of the country.
She doesn't seem like the perfect candidate for the "Einstein visa."
Of 144 openings at three Trump properties, only a single American was hired, Vox reports.
Press secretary Sean Spicer claims that Jared Kushner is fully divested from his real estate company and thus not risking conflicts of interest. In fact, Kushner still holds a stake in Kushner Companies’ properties and other investments, worth up to $600 million.
If you had any doubt that Donald Trump is a Death Eater, consider all that the Groper in Chief and his circle of Dementors have done in the space of just three short weeks.
The order bars most nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries.
What about the green card holders (Residents but not citizens)? - People holding so-called green cards, making them legal
Donald Trump going to Mexico could have had a certain "Nixon goes to China" flavor about it, and he actually was getting some good reviews for crossing the very low bar of "not totally embarrassing himself or his country" -- at least for the first few hours. Then he went to Phoenix, and Mr. Hyde came back out.
Virginia Blaser, a newly minted American diplomat, was the duty officer at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid one weekend in 1993
This is why our organization, Rise Up, brought a delegation of girls from Liberia and the US South to share their powerful
Illegal immigration remains a hotly contested issue within the United States, as evidenced by the subject's repeated appearance in American political discourse over the years.
What's the best way to thank Afghans who have risked their lives helping U.S. troops? Offer them a chance to live in America, and then make the process impossible and the costs astronomical.
A law meant to keep terrorists out of the U.S. is affecting journalists, scholars and people trying to visit their families.
Senator Charles Grassley and others have long urged that the program be overhauled because of abuses in how it operates. That didn't happen. Instead, towards the end of December, before Congress went on vacation for the holidays, it acted to extend the EB-5 program until September 30, 2016.
The experiences of Ghanaians migrating to the United States suggest that our family reunification policies are not at fault for the San Bernardino shootings. Family reunification is already too expensive and takes too long.
In short, singling out fiancé visas makes no sense. If Obama had announced that security measures would be tightened across all types of visas, we could have grasped the logic. But to focus on this small piece of the puzzle is reminiscent of the post-shoe-bomber requirement to remove toddlers' slippers in airport security lines.
Our immigration system is an immoral mess that throws obstacle after barricade in front of the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. It doesn't prevent terrorists from entering the U.S. And it certainly doesn't excel at making America more competitive or innovative.