It's on all of us, queer or not, to build a safer world for LGBTQ people.
I have needed all my courage to throw my shoulders back, hold my head up, and walk down the street, completely visible -- vitally visible -- in the days since waking to the nightmare in Orlando.
He beamed at me, confident that he had just bestowed upon me one of the great accomplishments that all multiracial women hope for: the badge of honor for completing the last arch in a white man's hook­up rainbow.
This got me to thinking about visibility in our businesses, and most importantly, how we can get into the mindset to be more
Ten years after coming out as trans, I am working on coming out again in my professional life. I plan to be out when I apply to Family Medicine residencies this fall; I can't spend another three or four years in hiding.
As we continue to digitalize our presence, our "self" moves further into a digital space. We are struggling to define ourselves in a space that doesn't exist, it is overwhelming.
New to business, need clients right away? You can get a good start with referrals from friends, family members and previous associates. Eventually you will need to expand your reach. You can do so quite effectively with an Online Marketing Strategy.
Recently, I was talking with a friend who is a fellow coach and entrepreneur about what I thought were the best ways to become visible if you are an HSP or introvert entrepreneur. After about 15 minutes, my friend responded with, "You should totally do a webinar about this topic."
One of the main problems is that many of us don't live around trans people. Growing up, I never had trans people visiting my house. My family doesn't even know any trans people. This invisibility, propagated by the willing and unwitting actions of governments, media and authority figures, perpetuates the isolation of the trans community from mainstream culture.
To nudge you to start crafting your "Compared to What?" labels right now, consider the staying power of these real examples
The series has struck a chord with many Militant Baker readers who feel that their bodies or relationships are invisible
Books such as the ones listed below capitalize on news stories, events, conditions and occurrences that journalists continue
Complete anonymity is getting in the way of what my blog posts are all about: reaching out to people and being damn proud of my kid. I'd like the opportunity to speak to more parents about celebrating our LGBT kids and meet more of our fabulous LGBT youth. So I've arrived at a compromise.