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The anonymous street artist’s “Devolved Parliament” canvas has returned to the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.
Police are trying to track down the nearly naked art lover.
The debate has heated up ever since a piece of AI art sold for $432,500 last October.
The Smithsonian museum saw a record 2.3 million visitors in 2018, the year the Obama portraits went up.
The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers announced its contest winners.
Israel's Arab Christians -- and "McJesus" creator Jani Leinonen -- want the sculpture removed from the Haifa Museum of Art.
Transportation planners also are hiring musicians and visual artists to tell stories about public spaces.
Hershel, a fan-favorite character, first appeared in Season 2 of the series.
The "Girl With Balloon" painting passed through a shredder hidden in the frame.
"What’s the opposite of LOL?” the British street artist posted to Instagram.
For outsiders like David Wojnarowicz ― working-class, queer, uneducated and HIV-positive ― good manners and politesse were deadly illusions.
The works critical of Donald Trump that cost him his Pittsburgh newspaper job are featured at the Corcoran in Washington.
Shortly after it was published in 1973, "Come Out Comix" could be found atop the toilets of most lesbians in San Francisco.
Contemporary artist Natalie Frank brought “The Story of O” to life in drawings decades after it caused controversy. In the process, she faced a similar backlash.
At 69 years old, she's a certified underground legend, and contemporary female artists are acknowledging her legacy.