My question to you is: what is your great vision now? What dreams are waiting to become your reality? Our imagination is
Have you ever heard the following joke, "Well enough about me...let's talk about you. So... what do you think about me?" This
What is your goal? Is it to buy a new house? Then print your dream house and put your face or your whole body in front of
In the last week I've been reading a remarkable book, Subliminal, by physicist Leonard Mlodinow. It's about the new technologies
Millie Brown is a British performance artist, who began her career at the age of seventeen. Constantly praised as one of the new YBA's (Youth British Artists), Brown is an artist who explores the synergy and separation of mind, body, and spirit. While she is mostly recognized for her artistic collaborative projects with global icons like Lady Gaga, Millie is committed to expanding her work and continuing to shed light on the natural beauty of the world.
You may be wondering, just how exactly was Kerri Strug able to push through excruciating pain and the pressure of a nation on her shoulders during the most important performance of her life? The answer is actually quite simple... mental training.
The other way we've been programmed to set goals is based on what other people think we should be striving for. This means
Positive self-talk could be the key to improvement.
Creative visualization goes by a number of names: creative imagination, visualization, visual imaging. Whatever the name, the process involves calling up images, sounds and/or feelings that calm the mind and body, and focus the attention on a specific task.