Vitalii Sediuk

Kim Kardashian became the latest celebrity target of red carpet prankster Vitalii Sediuk at Balmain's Paris Fashion Week
Over the years Sediuk gained notoriety for his "pranks," which ranged from gross invasions of personal space to outright
Nancy, did you minimize the effect of Anita Bryant's hateful crusade against homosexuality? Yes. Did you characterize Anita Bryant as a loving, gracious, innocent person unfairly attacked through no fault of her own? Yes. Was she a "sweet lady" shockingly humiliated for no reason? No way. Let me break it down for you.
Despite Pitt's statement, Sediuk, a former Ukrainian television reporter, told The Associated Press that he was in a fan
Sediuk's lawyer Anthony Willoughby told THR that client was actually trying to hug Pitt around the waist, not trying to hit
The guy who got busted for lunging at Brad Pitt last night could soon be persona non grata at ALL Hollywood events ... if
The suspect punched Pitt in the face, police told KTLA. Pitt appeared to be unharmed, and the Associated Press reports that
Vulture also reports that during the incident, co-star Kit Harrington (yes, Jon Snow) became protective of Ferrera, who voices