Artist Crystal Kay creates dolls with vitiligo, birthmarks, and albinism, proving skin is beautiful.
The Arkansas boy with vitiligo thinks his new friend in Oregon could use a few more spots on his back. Otherwise he's perfect.
"They say your body is a canvas, I'm just painted differently."
I was 30 years old when I started to disappear, each day a little more ― piece by piece. At first it didn’t bother me that
One thing I had to get over was the idea that people may look at me and assume parts of my skin were pale white from a sickness
"In order for you to be happy, you've got to make yourself happy. You can't let others do it for you."
"Please don't accuse those who are showing love and appreciation, of being hateful."
While our skin is exposed to the light, the many social issues people with vitiligo experience are not. For those whose disease
In the video above, watch as Lindsay wipes away a layer of makeup from her face and hands, revealing her bare skin. "Don't
Sometimes we forget how much bearing the way we look on the outside has on how we feel about ourselves on the inside or even
There are some mornings where I just wake up wishing to have evenly tanned skin, no longer dealing with stares or questions about why I have spots on my legs. I'll even admit that I still have the rare temptation to try self-tanner or skin makeup yet again to try to cover up my splotches.