Vito Cammisano

Because no young person should ever "feel like they can't be comfortable being who they are."
From becoming the first openly gay player to get drafted into the NFL to being released from the Dallas Cowboys' practice
This time, however, LaBarbera has gone a step further, penning a bizarre poem to Sam, who became the first openly gay man
Sam approached the two and addressed Cammisano. "I said, 'Hey, hey, are you OK? Can I get you anything?'" Sam recalls. "Vito
"The draft was the longest three days of my life," Sam says in the above video. "I went upstairs and was thinking, 'Should
A few days ago, not one week after Michael Sam was drafted, I was scrolling through a popular LGBT news site, like I normally do, and was shocked by a headline that read, "Michael Sam's Boyfriend Vito Cammisano Has A Surprising Gay Porn Past." So Mr. Cammisano used to do gay porn? Not exactly.
After Michael Sam made history by becoming the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL on Saturday, he gave a