Vivek Wadhwa

There is no question that our current immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed. It’s been that way for some time
Energy poverty, which affects 1.2 billion people around the world who lack access to electricity, is, according to David Roberts, "the greatest challenge of our time." That's because it pits our need to reduce fossil fuel consumption head to head against lifting hundreds of millions out of extreme poverty.
A podcast on WNYC's TLDR blog site raised issue with my being quoted in a cover story in Newsweek about Silicon Valley's sexism. The podcast, which was removed by WNYC Wednesday, made many false assertions about my intentions and values.
The wake up call is we did not believe we needed to pull out the banner of feminism anymore. We thought we were past that and delighted to join the great game of the working women, business and entrepreneurship.
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Access to venture capital may have been a problem as recently as a decade ago, but is no longer an inhibitor. The cost of
This material published courtesy of Singularity University. While research entrepreneurship, I realized there was a serious
On the other hand, look at what the technology industry--and Google--have brought us. We now have an ocean of knowledge freely
Twitter chief executive and former improv comic Dick Costolo couldn't help but drop a joke into his recent spat with Stanford professor Vivek Wadhwa, who accused Costolo's company of "male chauvinistic thinking" for lacking women in the most powerful positions.
So we asked the obvious question: What does Carrot Top think about all this? Yes, that means Carrot Top was headlining in
We now know that having diverse product design teams creates better products. We also now know that having women on boards makes companies more competitive. So why would a company build its management team and board entirely from men?
This material published courtesy of Singularity University. Emily Holdman, co-founder of The Remarkables and The Agency Post
My father would always push me to ask for things -- even, and especially, when I was completely embarrassed and afraid to. As a kid, I cringed whenever he did this -- I hated it. But as an adult, I'm thankful he showed me value of getting out of my comfort zone.
What's happening with women in technology entrepreneurship reminds me of two classic song lyrics. James Brown sang, "It's
Don't you want to see a world where women succeed in innovation and entrepreneurship, not just on behalf of other women but on behalf of the entire planet?
Wadhwa spoke at the annual meeting of the Association of International Education Administrators on Tuesday, reports the Chronicle
If we want a strong economy we need to do something about it. We need to reverse course and try another strategy. I suggest one based on innovation of entrepreneurs, rather than new federal spending on government jobs.
In learning immigrant stories, we found that the high-achievers typically parlayed immigrant skills into entrepreneurship skills.