The best Black Friday TV deals from Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony and more.
Press pause on this pre-Black Friday TV deal.
By Mark Bartholomew, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Ethics lawyers and historians have argued that
"Consumers didn’t know that while they were watching their TVs, Vizio was watching them."
TiVo may yet have another act, well worth keeping a close eye in the weeks ahead. Let's start with today's status. TiVo is
Deals don't get any hotter than this.
Own a Vizio Smart TV? It's Watching You by Julia Angwin ProPublica,  Nov. 9, 2015, 11:57 a.m. TV makers are constantly crowing
Okay, so OLED and quantum dot UHDs are drool worthy. But would I buy an OLED or a quantum dot or any 4K UHD TV? Nope, at least not yet. Here are 5 reasons why I'll wait at least a year to buy my first 4K UHD TV.
The Notebook is -- just as the MacBook Pro compared to the MacBook Air -- a bit thicker than the Thin+Light, though it boasts
Even as 3d television is getting all the headlines today, flat screen TVs with internet connectivity are spreading across the market with amazing speed. Who will control the software platform for this new world?
As the Super Bowl nears, it's being reported that ad prices during the big game have dropped for only the second time in
With so many TVs being similar, consider selecting your purchase by which companies offer the best takeback programs.
Static in the global TV-set business is forcing some big players to re-tune their game. On Monday, Philips Electronics NV