Hank, as you have said yourself, meat is bad. You and I both know this, so I do not have to convince you. You have obviously researched this topic extensively and used critical, rather than mainstream sources.
While the world talks about young people's insularity and solipsism, they're creating a fascinating and complex world of deep engagement online, a world in which they are not just watching content but becoming part of it by being community members whose comments and fanfiction and artwork and passion have profound impacts on the broader culture.
“It’s usually not paper towns,” Green said in the video. “It’s usually, like, paper streets or paper bridges.” “Paper Towns
YouTube frequenters, you've probably heard of these guys, but newbies, allow me to bring you into the endless and beautiful world that is YouTube.
The VlogBrothers brought together a community of so called "mis-fits" in this world to create change and inspire everyone. As a teenager, all you want sometimes is to have someone who feels the same way as you do.
I don't mean to sound like a fangirl but The Fault In Our Stars is every bit as amazing as all the screams and cheers would indicate. (My own teengirl and I read it as part of our own ongoing book chat and we both give it an A+.)
With the highly-anticipated "The Fault in Our Stars" movie quickly approaching, the Internet is preparing accordingly. By
Project For Awesome, an annual YouTube-wide charity marathon, raised a record amount of funds this year -- almost $785,000
You may know John Green from his cult-favorite YouTube channel vlogbrothers, extremely popular Young Adult books (including