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Just when we think we've seen it all, celebrities manage to push the envelope further. We're still scratching our heads over
What I think this Today Show exchange offers us though is the opportunity to talk about the lack of education for young people, as well as for adults around the potential for sexuality to continue pleasurably across the lifespan. Can we have that discussion now?
What's different about Cyrus's performance, which seems to have generated an unprecedented level of outrage, is not its by-now old-hat hypersexuality but its particular seaminess. Cyrus was sexual, de rigueur in pop performances, but also more than a little repelling.
I hope it’s neither. I hope you really weren’t trying to create this firestorm, because that would mean you believe too little
From Rose McGowan's mesh dress-that-wasn't-a-dress in 1998 to Lady Gaga's meat ensemble in 2010, the outfits that have graced the VMA red carpet have always been questionable in taste and legendary in impact.
The fashion of the MTV VMAs is notorious for being, well, highly unfashionable. From Rose McGowan's mesh dress-that-wasn't
Christina Aguilera, 2001 Jennifer Lopez and Puff Daddy, 2000 Gwen Stefani, 1999 Hey, Dennis -- got a permit for those guns
MTV will also be pushing content from the VMAs throughout their various social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook