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Here are 31 things I learned along my journey. 29. Looking thin was very desirable. One option, Aziza's "All About Eyes," would
On the eve of becoming notorious with the release of "Fifty Shades of Grey," Dakota Johnson, its under-the-radar star, relishes
On Monday, the American Society Of Magazine Editors (ASME) unveiled its finalists for the Reader's Choice Cover Contest category
Cate for Vogue Australia, February 2014: So why would Vogue Australia slap a jarringly orange faux glow over Cate's alabaster
The time has come: Lena Dunham has landed her Vogue cover.
The time has come: Lena Dunham has landed her Vogue cover. But scoring a cover is a huge moment for Dunham, as both a relatively
There are plenty of rising stars who could've jumpstarted the year with great Vogue covers, such as an "every girl" TV fave
Lady Gaga for Vogue, September 2012: Vogue received a lot of flak for its September 2012 cover. The 4.5-pound issue boasted
Perhaps the idea isn't the wildest -- recall that Cyrus has covered Harper's Bazaar and Vanity Fair already. Yet in the wake
Just when you think you've seen it all, Karl Lagerfeld's cat/life partner Choupette is spotted covering the July 2013 issue
Kate Upton's American Vogue cover is finally here! Of course, Kate rose to fame after a sexy YouTube video and an even sexier
Michelle Obama's Vogue cover is finally here! Vogue's fashion editor Tonne Goodman led the team styling Mrs. O and the president
Here's a look at Tina's fierce Vogue Germany cover and her extraordinary style evolution in the slideshow below. Work it
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Which is your favorite?
"Men -- who needs 'em?" has been Vogue's approach to cover stars for the past, oh, century. But for the mag's June 2012 issue
Lochte, a six-time Olympic medalist swimmer, is joined by Hope Solo and Serena Williams, both wearing ruched retro swimsuits
Could it be that Madison Ave and Hollywood are finally getting it right -- that audiences are eager to celebrate real-looking women, rather than plastic, youth-defying ones?
American Vogue has never featured an Asian model on its cover in its 40-plus years of featuring models.