A handful of former contestants, plus host and producer Carson Daly, break down what happens after each season wraps.
I can literally have my waist-length hair down and lipstick on and somebody will “sir” me.
"Men were saying, '#ItAintRape if I don't feel bad afterwards,' #ItAintRape if she's unconscious and can't say no,' #ItAintRape
I retain the bitterness of 2016 to enter 2017. As a woman and a teenager in this turbulent time, I am constantly reminded of the drawbacks we face as we begin the new year, not just pertaining to reproductive rights, but for the roles of women in society.
"Vocal training and singing correctly and efficiently was of the utmost importance in getting through 13 shows a week," says
Whenever we feel unworthy to put our work in the world, or think it's not important, or that no one needs it, or that we are simply adding to the noise -- we need to remember that no -- we are the counter-voice. The voice counter to the cultural noise.
Although we can't undo the past, we can recognize a derailment and take action to get back on track.
Bill Hader Voicing Leonard In "The Angry Birds Movie"
This July parents stormed social media with the #savedocmcstuffins tag when it appeared that Doc McStuffins, the hit animated
When I retired from the law enforcement profession, I thought I had entered into a new state of being - a season of ease
Invite people into your consciousness who give you words of encouragement, whose advice you value, or who live a life that you admire--people who are also on a journey of self-discovery.
A good comedian gets the crowd roaring by daring to speak the truth. It brings a relief to the audience, a sense of "Finally--somebody has the guts to say this."
Talking is fine, but listening is always the greatest gift. Within the attentive audience's perched silence the artist often hears his voice clearly for the first time. Your mind, after all, was given so you could talk to yourself; but your voice you were given to talk to others.
Undeserved Shame Create a safe place for that reporting to happen, with an open heart. It took years for me to feel comfortable
Women should support each other but never take away the right for another woman to vote for someone that has a different gender or opinion than us.
Your vocal cords give you your voice, allowing others to get to know you. This is an important component to your success. Your words and your voice will show others your level of confidence and immediately will proclaim how you expect to be treated.
As a musician, or as an Artist, as I prefer to think of myself, I often feel there is way too much pressure on us creatives to be this undefinable super-being for the world.
The systemically low prices in cocoa have drastic consequences for farmers and their families. More than 2 million children in the Ivory Coast and Ghana are being deprived of their childhoods, either working in extremely hazardous conditions or working in lieu of going to school, so that we can get our chocolate fix.