Karess: I completely agree. It’s important that we have this conversation so that we encourage others to do the same. I constantly
With what race or ethnicity do you identify? Anderson: I say I’m black. But if people ask if I’m mixed, I’ll tell them I’m
Pat: I wish I could take the way people are expressing an emotion and force it onto someone else who may not have sympathy
Akil Patterson: Do you think that having a gay sports role model will help young people? Will Sheridan: Just knowing that
One of my teammates is always speculating: “You know the only way I’ll make it is if so and so gets injured or I get really
Each month Athlete Ally and Huffington Post will feature a new Voice to Voice segment featuring LGBT and ally people of color
Allums: Would you compete against Serena? Blake: Yeah, I never really addressed that too much, as I think I have been pretty
Alyssa: I love that, it’s great to hear that you have so much support from the guys at the gym and can consider them like
Akil: As a man of faith myself I struggle with sexuality and sexual orientation. Do you consider yourself a person of faith
MIRA ESTAS FAMOSAS PAREJAS GAYS: Daniela Mercury sorprendió al mundo al salir del closet. Desde su cuenta de instagram, la
JAD: And that’s still the case. If you look at the LA County statistics, you really see that it’s right here. And it’s both
CK: Has there been any interest in making it into a movie or a TV show or something? CK: The other thing I should point out
View photos of Lauren and Alex in the following slideshow -- some of which may be considered NSFW. Their conversation continues
Gabrielle Korn: So you felt tough. Kelly Cogswell: For at least a moment, you’re part of the majority. And in the Dyke March
Evan Morris: I did. I think that situations like that are beginning to be taken a lot more seriously than ever before. While
Jason Cianciotto: Right. I was very excited to see, just a few weeks ago, the Obama Administration extend its full support
Whitney Joiner: Right, and that's where the ACLU comes in -- to defend those rulings and fight for the GSA. For queer teens
Michael: It's been interesting seeing your growth and you becoming more confident in your identity as a lesbian. And, if
Here, Cane and Mock discuss their decision to be out as journalists, the duality of being black and LGBT and dealing with
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