Jade: There can be. I wouldn’t say there is a misrepresentation though -- there isn’t much variety. With time, hopefully
Teinor: I definitely agree with that. A lot of times when people are unsure of their parent’s stance on homosexuality, they
Right now we are still in the stages of building up, but we have been launching different blog posts, in regards to queer
Patterson: When you came out, did you have the blessing of your team and family? I would assume you had told many of your
Anderson: Very interesting I would love to hear more. Patterson: One day, one day. Patterson: How did you get into college
Allums: So I am a transgender man because my sex and gender differ. It is important to know that just because someone identifies
Alyssa: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us before a very important weekend. I heard that your mother is accompanying
Akil: In the NFL, would it be easier for an African American player to come out or a white player? Akil: Knowing now that
JAD: Right. Actually, when people ask me about that, I always say it’s the 30-30-30-30 rule: that if you meet someone and
CK: Have your kids read it? RJP: Oh thank you! I love that -- I think that’s a funny story because you had no idea. As my
Lauren Foster was born in South Africa and is one of the world's most recognized transsexual women, having been one of the
Gabrielle Korn: I was 19 -- Kelly Cogswell: Maybe a dyke character who is a UPS driver? Like this Latina I see all the time
This month we've shared a Voice to Voice conversation between author Whitney Joiner and the ACLU's Chris Hampton and one
Sean Cahill: Yes, the anti-LGBT stigma in general is less, and that makes young people and parents more likely to speak out
Whitney Joiner: Hey Chris! I'm so thrilled to be talking with you again, this time for the Huffington Post. The ACLU has
Aisha: True, but it's not as simple as just finding a few token black gay folks to participate for diversity sake. Having
CC: Where does a person go when their minister damns them to hell? How dare you have the audacity to damn a child to hell
Ndegeocello is a Grammy-nominated artist who has been in the music industry for over 20 years. The nine records she has released
LaWana Mayfield is Charlotte's first elected openly lesbian City Council member and a long-time community activist in Charlotte