Voices of Pakistan

In Pakistan, unless you are very well-connected, possession of guns is not an easy task. In contrast, the USA, one of the most advanced nations in the world, has such an easy access to guns that I am literally dumbfounded. And this access is coming at a terrible cost.
"Now's the time for the United States to adjust its ways and try more to engage with the people of Pakistan through their representatives in the shape of the country's mainstream political parties."
Founded on freedom of religion and practice, Pakistan is one of the biggest violator of religious freedom today. For Pakistan to succeed, it will have to reverse the dangerous turn it took.
Teachers and social workers in Pakistan frequently stress the importance of educating our population. But I am hesitant to agree with this view. I do not feel that spreading our current education will be as magical as we are led to believe.
It is perhaps time for Pakistan's youth to speak up against the wave of violence that is now a daily occurrence and to secure
Following my completion of reading Three Cups of Tea, I found it unfortunate that people would so vehemently attempt to derail such a brilliant project, while ignoring all of the noble progress which has been documented.
More than 35,000 people in Pakistan have died due to religious terrorism and yet our media and urban middle class is more worried about drones which aim at perpetrators of those horrendous crimes.
Pakistan, in English is translated to 'the land of the pure.' Ironically, the constant fear and the ease with which lives are lost, is nothing short of the norm in this Islamic republic.
Despite media's negative propaganda the negative feelings about US have not translated into hatred against American people and society. If anything the Pakistanis want to emulate the American lifestyle and have a ferocious craving for American movies and products.
The issue of sexual harassment has impacts on the decisions of many women in Pakistan not to leave the comfort of their homes and work. They are thus unable to contribute towards the economy or to involve themselves in social or political activism.