I think each of us has a choice, every single day. We can choose to be strong and look for the positives in every circumstance
And all that grief and fear I've been crawling through has actually been growing my wings. Dragonflies are born in the water
I have four amazing grandchildren and my two children have grown into compassionate adults that make me proud every day. My
I see the vast expanse of my life without her and wonder how I have found the resilience to live on. I lay down at the end
Hal was my rock and my lover as well as my best friend. I couldn't imagine life without him and though our marriage was not
This is what I know: By developing The SHOWER SHIRT, I've not only helped others, I've helped myself. This project helped
Eventually, with a lot of resistance I agreed to go and with the awesome help and support of an awesome therapist, I began
Loss hurts. But loss is not failure. We all deal with and handle it in different ways. Some deal by simply not handling it
No one ever thinks they will be the one to hear those words. I can assure you I did not.   And as with most cases where one's
Reborn As the start of the second year I felt it was time to begin living some semblance of a life again. But my life had
I am now 52 and through everything I have become stronger. I realize the importance of being a voice to help others. Laurie
After my daughters died, I was thankful for the viciously cold upstate New York winter where I could hibernate away from
I wrote a book called "Taking A Detour" about my story that will be published in about a month so others can be inspired
From fatherless to forgiveness and from forgiveness to fearless is how I would personally describe my survival story. My
I blindly trusted my doctors, while believing my mystery condition would kill me before they'd figure it out. Then, cancer
The water was everywhere. I had to park at the end of the street and leave my 3-month-old daughter to wade through the water that was icy cold to get to my house. When I walked in, I could hear water rushing into the basement.
I am a caregiver for my partner who has become housebound and bedridden due to an incurable "invisible" disease. I too live
I can't really explain how my pregnancy taught me to eat intuitively until you understand why eating was such a big deal
Learning you have cancer is a life-altering experience. Hearing your cancer has returned is unimaginably disheartening. But
Mom came out of the stroke severely impaired, but she did get three more years of a reasonably good life and got to see her