volcanic eruption

Residents of Todoque, Canary Islands, scrambled to retrieve their belongings before the lava swallows up their homes.
Eruption 20 miles from capital not currently considered a threat because it's in an isolated valley.
A major volcanic eruption is imminent in Hawaii as clouds of ash climb 12,000 feet in the air and Kilauea’s lava lake dips to dangerously low levels.
Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is breaking open new fissures, throwing huge boulders, molten rock and toxic fumes, and putting the whole island at risk of a major steam explosion.
The avalanche was sparked by an erupting volcano.
It's been spewing ash, lava, and pyroclastic material for more than a week.
Expect to see "a lot more volcanic activity in areas of the world where glaciers and volcanoes interact," the lead author says.
Indonesian authorities ask about 100,000 more people to take shelter. Some are reluctant to leave their homes.
Bali’s Mount Agung is erupting for the first time in over 50 years. Last time, the volcano killed 1,500 people.
Some 24,000 people were evacuated to temporary shelters over the weekend.
Kathleen Hartnett White's first Senate confirmation hearing on Wednesday was cringeworthy.
More than 1,000 people were killed the last time Mount Agung erupted in 1963.
Prepare for the news. 1. After immense pressure from activists and celebrities, Brazil has reversed their decree that a massive
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A new technique could bring us closer to accurately predicting volcano behavior.
It’s hard to find a sunset that won’t make you feel at least a little warm and fuzzy inside.