Tourists narrowly escaped as the volcano on the Italian island spewed gas, rock and ash.
Fortunately, there have been no reports of anyone trying this... yet.
Lava has never engulfed a geothermal plant anywhere in the world and the potential threat is untested.
A must-see for students specializing in phallological studies, the museum opened in its present location in Reykjavik's main
This time, it could be worldwide. Let's keep "The Hunger Games" in the realm of fiction. OO Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster
For Roberta Mancino, the fiery flight was a dream come true.
From pink lakes to volcanos, the scenes in these photos aren't just breathtaking -- they're magical.
Neither local nor foreign media have reported any injuries or deaths from the eruption.
Most of us put on our swimsuits as soon as we're unpacked, and rummage through a box of masks and flippers. "You will be snorkeling with sea lions," warns Gabriel Ribadeneira, our naturalist and guide.
The underwater mountain is roughly the size of New Mexico.
Get Wild Growing up, my parents were stationed around the world, and I have lived and traveled to some far off exotic places
The sudden collapse of a volcano likely triggered the monstrous tsunami more than 70,000 years ago.
I was specifically interested in visiting Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater) to see the molten sulphur streams at night. I had discovered