An attorney general called for the prosecutor's resignation after a motorist who violated his bond conditions on earlier charges crashed and injured a volleyball player.
Duke University moved the location of a women's volleyball match on Saturday to provide a safe environment for players.
The men's team won its first gold medal ever and put on a show.
Karch Kiraly and Haleigh Washington rode a wave of emotions after the American women's team captured its first gold ever.
Serbian volleyball player Sanja Djurdjevic is banned for two games.
Serbian volleyball player Sanja Djurdjevic sparked an uproar after she stretched her eyes apart when her team won a point.
"I truly believe we are on the [slippery] slope of a mask mandate evolving into a vaccine mandate and that scares the 🔥out of me," the Olympic volleyball player wrote.
Tifanny Abreu meets international standards for participation in women’s sports, but she still faces skepticism at home.
Like Serena Williams, she understands that the world wants to police her body and constrain her emotions.
Rick Butler, a youth coach for decades, has been banned by several sports organizations.