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Volunteering abroad gives you the chance to leave a lasting impact on the people you help along the way. Many popular volunteer
The summer vacation season may be winding down, but fall is a beautiful time to get away -- especially in retirement! 'Volunteer' and 'vacation' may seem like a contradiction of terms but some travelers over 50 are trading sunning on beaches for more of a volunteer experience.
Robin Pendoley, Haley Nordeen and Daniela Papi-Thornton join HuffPost Live to go over what you need to know if you're thinking about volunteering abroad.
You want to travel abroad, learn about a different culture and make a difference. You have only two weeks of vacation time and very little savings. Do you: (a) not take the trip, or (b) defer the trip to when your financial condition improves? The answer is (c): Fundraise!
Working abroad as a volunteer helps teach greater tolerance and understanding towards people from diverse cultural backgrounds
You already travel regularly with your kids. You know that family travel can be eye-opening and foster better global understanding. Are you ready for a volunteer vacation? Here's what you need to know before volunteering abroad with kids.
Your idea of a relaxing vacation may not involve volunteer work or sustainability initiatives, but there are ways to give
As you plan your summer vacation, consider swapping the cabana for the work gloves and opt for a volunteer vacation instead
Here are some of the common problems I have seen in the voluntourism market and some tips for travelers on how to choose the right program.
When was the last time you felt really uncomfortable? I mean crawl out of your skin, get me out of this moment uncomfortable?
Spring break can be a lot more than just snorkeling and rum punch. In recent years, I've spent my spring breaks with my daughter volunteering for those less fortunate.
The chance to learn something new, have genuine experiences with locals, and get value for money: Are we asking too much out of our trips? After so many years of limited travel thanks to tightened budgets Baby Boomers are raring to hit the road, the air and the seas again. But before we plunk down thousands of dollars on our next expedition, we owe it to ourselves to take some time to figure out exactly what we want and don't want out of our travels.
America is blessed with such an incredible diversity of cities that travelers sometimes fall into the trap of taking towns
Consider adding a voluntour or do-good component to your next vacation! You just be might surprised at how vacationing can lead to making a difference! Are you M.A.D. today?
Your volunteering story -- not the story about how you almost killed yourself zip-lining through the jungle or the time when the monkey pooped on your head -- is what your friends will remember.
With the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, many are left wondering about travel as a cause, and not just recreation
The ongoing debate on poverty tourism got a paroxysm of blogger attention following the recent op-ed in The New York Times. Is this "development tourism" or "slumdog tourism"?
Summer is the perfect time for travel, so make your summer vacation count by picking a fun and eco-friendly trip. The International
In the past few years, interest has grown so steadily that one could argue volunteer tourism has gone mainstream.