Here are some of the many ways you can help nonprofit groups in your community.
So many businesses are stretching themselves far beyond the "One and Done in a Day" mentality of yore, when troops were rallied to paint a mural en masse and then everyone patted themselves on the back for a year. Nowadays, volunteering is an active practice in Corporate America.
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It's never been easier to get started on your resolutions. Whatever you're good at and interested in, there are opportunities
The Soceana team has also created Philas, a patent-pending digital currency that serves as an air miles that allows volunteers
If you go to a lot of corporate social responsibility and cause marketing conferences each year, the beginning of the year only means one thing: The budget is set and it's time to get to work! Here's our list of the events that we think are worth attending in terms of investment, impact, networking and fun.
Last week, Google launched a new app that makes discovering and supporting charity fun and easy. The One Today app highlights a new charity every day and gives its users the choice to support that charity by making a $1 donation.
What does it mean to volunteer "virtually"? You can choose an organization you want to support and fulfill that commitment from anywhere with an Internet connection.
Make the World a Better Place What's your passion? Is it cleaning up the environment? Saving the rain forest? Stopping the
Let's make this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day the most successful national service day yet. Here are five ideas to use if you or someone you know has an excuse for not participating.
Whatever you do to give back for Thanksgiving and the holiday season, it will warm the heart of anyone you help, and also your own.
For those of us who work in technology for social good, LinkedIn Board Connect also represents one more thing: a rich opportunity to see how the "reverse match" concept of volunteer engagement can play out in a community that's already at scale.
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So yes, hats off to Craigslist Foundation for 10 great years of making a difference. But credit too, to the staff and board for recognizing the strengths of other organizations that were doing good work too.
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We often hear how Millennials are the most conscious consumers and that Boomers transition from careers to civic engagement. But according to a new federal report on volunteer trends, the oft-overlooked Gen Xers are becoming an important factor in social good efforts.
For me, the BP spill response highlighted one area where change still needs to occur -- that is, in how smaller NGOs and community groups engage volunteers in rapid response actions.
VolunteerMatch recently teamed up with B&J and Target to create Berry Voluntary, a raspberry cheesecake-flavored ice cream
At a time when our own deficit is soaring and the US faces innumerable challenges, we must unlock our creative capacities and cast new lines to help Haiti.