Sometimes the best way to help isn’t to volunteer but rather to “shut up and listen.”
Volunteers may be well-meaning, but they're often supporting institutions that exploit children and poor families for profit.
Sadly, despite their good intentions, volunteers at orphanages are unwittingly supporting the terrible harm that institutions afflict on children in their care.
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H: Interestingly, the article link is no longer live on the Telegraph website. Says a lot about the response, doesn't it
Health Considerations Volunteers of all ages have to pay attention to health needs. Visit your physician. Get a checkup and
This piece is part of a month-long series of articles aimed at raising awareness around the issue of orphanage volunteering
Voluntourism's saving grace is that volunteers on overseas projects develop a long-term bond with their host country, and
Volunteering abroad can be an introvert's nightmare. Intense teamwork, shared living spaces, and people-heavy projects, all in a foreign land without a familiar hideaway to escape to, may leave you feeling trapped in an energy-sapping vortex.