In my 20s butterflies in my stomach were created over romantic dinners, wine and sweet nothings whispered in my ear. But at 40, the butterflies took flight. Instead my stomach churned as I found love in a pile of puke.
He fell out of the vehicle after slipping on his vomit, a coroner said.
On the way to the headwaters of the Bio-Bio River in Chile, where we hoped to make the first descent, we stopped at a Mapuche Indian farm house and asked if we might camp in an untilled field. Yes, Yaco, the owner, replied, but only if we joined for dinner.
In just his second career match, MMA fighter Levi West may have uncovered an entirely new way to lose: TKO by vomit. According
It's the things you do for them that they will never remember, and therefore can not ever thank you for, that are some of the richest moments of parenting. Some of the messiest, too.
I'm not talking about the normal diaper stuff. I'm talking about bodily discharge in motion, vaguely cannibalistic activities, and microscopic familiarity with our kiddies' anatomies. I'm talking about things that should probably not be memorialized in writing.
Read more from Diana Fasanella>> Radnor Township police are investigating, but added there haven't been any similar incidents
Where once the King of Halloween confection was Candy Corn -- selling 8.3 billion kernels a year -- planners of today's Halloween parties lobby their new faves: the latest in gross and disgusting party food.
My cats or my future baby?: Barf on the floor; Pee on the floor; Has a brain larger than a handful of grapes; Not freak out when I want to dress it in a cute outfit; Not be covered in hair; Love me back.
I used to think poop was hilarious. And vomit, too. And snot. And whatever else whatever else flows with force from the body and can be flung about by monkeys.
As a professor of an intro sociology class, I've got 150 students who need to set their alarms and get to lecture -- sober -- each Friday morning.
Let me just get this out of the way: people poop when they run. So why the big fuss about some poor soul with splattered shorts? Must it be discussed on every fitness website?