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CARE was a charity created to feed the hungry in Europe. People in the United States would buy CARE packages of food and they would be delivered to a hungry family overseas. The von Trapp family were among those who helped by purchasing these life-saving parcels.
To make America safer, here are some of the Republican suggestions for alternative endings to America's favorite films.
Given the iconic stature bestowed upon The Sound of Music, I have taken it upon myself to compile a brief list of reasons as to why I feel that I, not Rolf, should have been the guy fortunate enough to prance around the gazebo with fair Liesl.
As we rested in Savasana one evening and the teacher called out, "Sigh and let it all go," Cherie, a Clydesdale Thoroughbred Cross, chimed in with a lovely whinny. Clearly, horses and yoga went hoof and hand here.
Here are 6 not-so-fun facts about the reality behind the von Trapp family.
On the casting of Carrie Underwood? Francois says she has nothing against her, but that she's pretty sure her father "is
Turns out, the real Von Trapp family wasn't so hot on the idea of Carrie Underwood playing Maria in "The Sound of Music Live!"
“Here’s someone who just won an Oscar for a similar situation [in "Les Miserables"]. She was able to act and sing,” he told
Heather Menzies, Louisa von Trapp After taking on several roles in the '70s and '80s and even posing nude for Playboy in
Whenever anyone asked me why I was going to Salzburg, I "blamed" the movie musical The Sound of Music. Often, I was met with eyes popping with delight. But I had yet to find a moment that was truly worthy of that reaction.