Vontae Davis

The Buffalo Bills cornerback reportedly changed into his street clothes and left the stadium while the game was still under way.
Ray Lewis' swan song postseason starts off with a battle of the wits against Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. Both players have a tremendous ability to read the opponent's alignments before the snap. Whichever can fool the other most often will give their unit a major advantage.
19-year-old Michael Davis had previously been arrested for a separate attack, also involving head trauma. On April 26, Davis
@VShiancoe (Visanthe Shiancoe) Brett told us this Sunday's game against the Packers is just another game for him. #dontstopbelievin
@VontaeDavis21 It's always good to see Dan Carpenter nail a game-winning field goal. #hecelebratesbygettinghammered @TimTebow