vote fraud

The original 2012 article claimed Florida had 200,000 non-citizens registered to vote. An editor's note pointed out that number was reduced to 85.
Whether the American public believes, or will come to believe, that voter fraud is widespread enough to sway a presidential election remains to be seen.
It's unbelievable and frankly outrageous that in the last four years, close to half the states in this country have passed laws to make it harder for people to vote. But it's true.
By requiring photo IDs in the polling place or proof of citizenship when registering, states are imposing unnecessary burdens to deliberately exclude citizens from the election process.
"That quote is still good." Later that day, the Nevada Secretary of State, Ross Miller, issued a press release in which Miller
Earlier this month, Republicans in Ohio lost their lawsuit challenging a state rule that allows voters to register and vote
The attack against the ACRON is old news: GOP officials and politicians have trotted out the allegations of an ACORN voter hijack plot since 2006.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and I have been following the Rove-arian tactics of vote theft for years, frankly we're tired of covering it after the election. This year we're telling you how they're doing it beforehand.
That is the entire United States. 26 examples of vote fraud in four years. THIS is what Fox News, CNN, all of talk radio
The Crawford decision directly supports and serves the Republican mission to make it more difficult for or to block poor, minority and youth voters from casting their votes at the polls entirely.