vote suppression

Stacey Abrams has accused Brian Kemp of using his elected position to suppress African-American votes.
A former DOJ official says one of Trump's judicial picks misled the Senate about his knowledge of a campaign to intimidate black voters.
How do we decrease the political marginalization that African-Americans face in this country?
On this election day, it seems impossible to believe that Donald Trump is within striking distance of the White House.
These attacks have an immense effect on some populations more than others, including students, the elderly, people of color
Maybe this, together with all the dark talk of "rigged elections" from Trump will finally provide a dash of enthusiasm for Clinton, here at the homestretch -- it'd certainly be a fitting end to the most bizarre presidential campaign of everyone's lifetimes.
I'm sure the party to thank for this late mainstream awareness that our computerized voting system is painfully vulnerable
If you abuse someone no matter what he does, he might as well stand his ground. That is what our 44th president, at long last, appears to be doing.
During NBC's "Meet The Press," host Chuck Todd noted that Paul, a presidential hopeful for 2016, has said in the past that
It's unbelievable and frankly outrageous that in the last four years, close to half the states in this country have passed laws to make it harder for people to vote. But it's true.
Republicans want to make it harder to vote, Democrats want to make it easier. It's a simple concept, and it's one that strikes at a foundational belief most Americans share: Things always get better throughout American history, never worse.
There is more to our past success--and failures--than simply getting more women, minorities and young people to the polls. Turnout doesn't exist in a vacuum, and demographics aren't destiny.
No coalition marches in lockstep; we are too diverse. But the far right's broad assault on democracy should make it clear that without cooperation our social protections are paper-thin and our republic up for auction.
The black vote is and will remain a foundation of the Democratic Party in key states. And the increased number of black voters and their willingness to go to the polls poses a mortal threat to break the GOP's grip in the South. This can only add to the GOP's woes.
Meanwhile, what exactly does the GOP want to tell a die-hard conservative voter in Hillsborough County, Fla. who has to give
In Pennsylvania, a voting machine wouldn't allow a citizen to choose Obama. The machine kept selecting Romney by accident.
The consensus is that this presidential election may all come down to Ohio and a few other "swing" states, as it did in 2000 and 2004. If there are any voting irregularities to be found this time around, Ohio will be the place to look first.
Metz, however, would not answer questions about how the list was created. "That I cannot speak upon," he told HuffPost. "That