voter fraud

One North Carolina congressional district is getting a do-over months after major voter fraud invalidated the results of a 2018 midterm election.
This time he says it's Google's fault. “My victory was even bigger than thought!” he gushed on Twitter after watching a report on Fox Business.
The arrests of 12 school board officials and their political allies in Quitman, Ga., became a poster-child case among conservatives that voter fraud was a serious threat.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been making a big deal about election fraud cases, but his office hasn't been able to show much.
After investigators found substantial evidence of election fraud that benefited Republicans in North Carolina, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) blamed Democrats for election fraud.
Whoever is fault, three federal lawsuits hope to stop it.
The woman, a 66-year-old who works at Walmart, told a federal judge she had no idea her ex-boyfriend wasn't eligible to vote.
Sowing distrust and uncertainty about the election system — regardless of proof — can be used to push new voting restrictions.
President Trump and Texas' attorney general used a list of suspected noncitizen voters to claim voter fraud. Now the list appears to be inaccurate.
Two of McCrae Dowless' employees told state investigators he paid them in 2016 to collect absentee ballots and coached them to lie about it.
This is the real threat to our democracy, not bogus claims of voter fraud.
Voter fraud in North Carolina could mean a whole new primary to fill the state’s 9th Congressional District in Washington, D.C.
One month after the midterm elections, there is still uncertainty as to who will represent North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District in Washington, D.C.
He only cares when the problem is imaginary and it's framed as hurting white people.
In North Carolina, a federal prosecutor won't confirm or deny a probe of an alleged Republican-led electoral fraud scheme.
Rosa Maria Ortega's case illustrates the enormous discretion that prosecutors have in how harshly they pursue voter fraud.
The president's image of voters in disguise also sounded like “The Onion,” said one co-host.
“The only thing anything like it is this tripe from Infowars," the CNN host said of Trump's latest falsehood.
The "Full Frontal" host hit back after Trump claimed without evidence that some Democrats were disguising themselves to vote more than once.