voter intimidation

J. Christian Adams, who served on Trump's voter fraud commission, helped author a report that published the citizens' personal information online.
Despite what the president claims, there's no evidence that "ILLEGAL VOTING" is a widespread problem.
Getting rid of the order raises concerns that Republicans may engage in voter intimidation tactics.
A former Justice Department official raised questions about Thomas Farr's Senate testimony.
A former DOJ official says one of Trump's judicial picks misled the Senate about his knowledge of a campaign to intimidate black voters.
There were reports of voter intimidation, but nothing as bad as Democrats feared.
The America I know is widely viewed more positively overseas than it was eight years ago. But when you read all those stories
Much has been written about Election 2016's unprecedented aspects, but one menacing storyline that has emerged is the tension between "gun rights" and voting rights.
Republicans have conjured for Americans a monster more frightening than any Hollywood has ever produced for Halloween. It pales "The Shining."
The right-wing group will be looking out for "busloads" of voters to make sure the election isn’t “stolen.”
Red State Update Podcast 206: Rigged Election THEN: Jackie and Dunlap on the Melania Trump interview, a preview of the third
Republicans, angry about the undocumented "streaming" across our borders, could turn the flow of immigrants off tomorrow by passing real reform. No, not our immigration laws, but our employment law.
Why do the Republicans feel a need to engage in such shady voter intimidation schemes year after year? Why are they so afraid of letting people go to the polls and choosing whichever candidates they prefer, free from interference with their right to vote?
Worse than any Jim Crow poll tax, the Voter ID law attacks social and economically vulnerable citizens' very identity as they consider exercising their most precious freedom. It intimidates and threatens long before election day.