voter laws

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R) said Sunday he supports requiring voters to show ID at the polls but suggested he thinks Republicans should be quiet about it.
Kander said the bill makes what could be described as a poll tax for those seeking to vote. While there is a provision in
Meade says having rights restored is also good for the community: when an individual is able to reintegrate back into their
Tamara Manik-Perlman, an analyst at Azavea, a Philadelphia geospatial software firm, plotted the addresses of people the
2012-08-01-Capture.JPG Are laws aimed at voter fraud really enabling voter suppression?
This is a steep price to pay for a "free" ID card, and not every American can afford it. Making voter IDs free does not address or resolve the significant barriers many voters face in obtaining one.
Several states have become the new Banana Republics. You see, what they have gleaned from those former dictatorships is that the right to vote is no longer a right, but a privilege.
With both a tradition of helping service members get their votes counted as well as a tight turnaround between its primary
This country is supposed to have the market share, the magic touch and the boiler plate example of what democracy looks like for the world.
The battle over the South Carolina voter ID law is not over and state leaders say they will take the fight back to the U.S
How can it be that America, with its claim to be the first modern democracy, retains a system of managing elections that would be thought unduly cynical even in the worst of third world dictatorships?