voter purge

Voting rights groups want the state to pause the removals, noting that thousands of eligible voters are at risk of having their voter registrations canceled.
A 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel's emergency ruling likely will affect thousands of voters in next week's election.
The Obama DOJ supported a challenge to one of the ways Ohio purged voters from its rolls. The Trump DOJ now says the process is fine.
"We learned from the mistakes we made," he said. "We won't make the same mistakes." Scott's administration is currently promoting
Also in 2012, ColoradoPols unearthed a video of Gessler speaking about election integrity saying the only way to know if
For more than two years Republicans have campaigned and legislated against the right of certain groups of people to vote. The Republicans' strategy failed because it awakened the most powerful force in a democracy: the determination of the voters themselves.
America has come a long way from the days of Jim Crow segregation, but our voting system is far from perfect, and even today
You may have heard that Secretary of State Scott Gessler said last week that the "left" doesn't care about voter fraud. But he also said that he likes to "tease" that the Denver Post is the embodiment of the "liberal mainstream media."
This morning on CNN's "Starting Point," Cummings again questioned the group's motives. According to the report in the Los
The memo to voter registrars says that the registrars "are expected to conduct an independent review of 'weak' matches to
While Scott makes this request on behalf of his supposed commitment to electoral integrity, his state is currently facing
TALLAHASSEE, Fla., Sept 27 (Reuters) - Voter protection groups said on Thursday Florida election officials had reneged on
It's naive to think public policy -- even a postcard -- is neutral, he said. Duran could have launched her search for relocated
CINCINNATI -- Lori Monroe, a 40-year-old Democrat who lives in central Ohio, was startled a few weeks ago to open a letter
Florida's noncitizen voter-purge program roared back to life Wednesday, when Gov. Rick Scott's elections department produced
In the world's greatest democracy, the rules cannot be manipulated by politicians at the last minute, everyone must be treated equally and fairly, and no eligible citizen should be denied the right to vote.
I believe the sudden need for unexpired passports, the demand for government-issued photo identification, is simply a flagrant way of suppressing the votes of those who are more likely to vote Obama.
After an electoral spanking last cycle that was largely the backlash to neoconservative overreaches in the Bush Jr. years, Republicans were reflecting on how to deal with the surge of new and minority voters.
Allowing untrained private citizens to contest voters' qualifications at the polls, often without any evidentiary support, only invites the kinds of disruptions that delayed Florence Chauncey's historic vote nearly a century ago.