voter registration

The state party says a new website, Register Texas, is intended to substitute for in-person get-out-the-vote efforts, which have been halted by the coronavirus crisis.
Gov. Ralph Northam also signed measures repealing the state's strict voter ID law and adopting automatic voter registration.
One complaint reported a wait exceeding four hours in one location and check-in stations and voting machines that were not working.
The former first lady shared a snap from her 1982 prom, encouraging schools around the country to get creative with student voter registration.
An estimated 56% of registered voters turned out to cast their ballots in a normally low-key race for district council.
The Vermont senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate attended the Atlanta stop of Grande's Sweetener World Tour.
Youth turnout spiked in the midterms, but party strategists are worried about 2020 enthusiasm.
The state has faced scrutiny in the past for aggressively vacating people's voter registrations.
Election officials are giving voters until 2021 to fix a registration issue. A legal nonprofit wants the state to move much faster.