voter registration

The law subjects people who engage in voter registration to potential fines and even criminal penalties.
“The only way to know whether voters want to cancel their registration is to ask them," 7th Circuit Chief Judge Diane Wood wrote.
Mason was one of nearly 4,000 people who had a provisional ballot rejected in her county during the 2016 election.
The plaintiffs say sharing the information amounts to voter intimidation.
J. Christian Adams, who served on Trump's voter fraud commission, helped author a report that published the citizens' personal information online.
Lawmakers said they would bring up the automatic voter registration bill again in the next legislative session.
Among registered voters, 41% want a climate-only debate. Among Democrats, that number surges to 64%.
O’Rourke proposed implementing same-day and automatic voter registration across all 50 states, an effort he claims will register 50 million more Americans to vote.
The law, effective Oct. 1, calls for fines if at least 100 incomplete voter applications are turned in. It also allows criminal penalties for knowingly breaking the rules.
Activists say the measure would chill efforts to register people in a state that already has significant problems with voter registration and turnout.
The former gubernatorial candidate said he plans to register at least 1 million Florida voters before the 2020 presidential election.
The superstar's world tour kicked off Monday with voter signups and a program called #thankunextgen.
The state is investigating a list of suspected noncitizens on the voter rolls, but the list appears to be based on inaccurate data.
Whoever is fault, three federal lawsuits hope to stop it.
The woman, a 66-year-old who works at Walmart, told a federal judge she had no idea her ex-boyfriend wasn't eligible to vote.
Sowing distrust and uncertainty about the election system — regardless of proof — can be used to push new voting restrictions.
Hispanics helped put Texas in play for Democrats in November. Now, Republicans leaders want nearly 100,000 people to prove they're allowed to vote.
The first hearing for H.R. 1 raised fears of fraud and child rapist voters, praised long lines and rewrote history.
President Trump and Texas' attorney general used a list of suspected noncitizen voters to claim voter fraud. Now the list appears to be inaccurate.