Progressive PAC VoteVets used the #TraitorCarlson hashtag to slam the Fox News personality's attacks on the military.
“The democracy we fought for is worth the wait" to have all votes counted, despite Trump's wishes, says VoteVets spot.
"Donald Trump has failed us so miserably," the famed pilot says in the ad, co-sponsored by the Lincoln Project and VoteVets.
“This is just a warmup for the fall,” warns the narrator in the latest ad from progressive PAC VoteVets.
"Ten military bases still bear the names of Confederate army traitors — enemies who took up arms in defense of slavery,” says a jolting new VoteVets video.
The Campaign Legal Center alleges the Buttigieg campaign illegally coordinated with a super PAC.
The liberal veterans group said the South Bend, Indiana, mayor has "what it takes to beat Donald Trump."
Republicans are offering "a half-baked promise" to maintain veterans' tax credits, Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) said.
This Memorial Day, find a way to honor the veterans with parades, visits to monuments and national parks where they are featured, and put a flower next to a gravesite of a fallen hero. And let's spend the other 364 days in the year fighting just as hard for them as they have for us!
The number of times that Sen. McCain hasn't just been wrong, but deadly wrong, on matters of our security is nearly impossible to count. Maybe the DC fishbowl has convinced itself that McCain has been prescient. Well, I'm here to give them a quick education, because many of us who have served in the these conflicts are less convinced.